The Overseas Business Department is a department established by Hengye to respond to the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the development strategy of international cooperation. It is mainly responsible for the development, operation and operation of the international market and the implementation and implementation of the company's international strategy.

VOICE ALARM fire emergency radio and telephone system, because of its excellent stability and applicability, has been widely used in the field of international fire emergency broadcasting and intelligent evacuation, occupying a dominant position in the international market.

The VOICE ALARM fire emergency radio and telephone system independently researched and developed by Hengye Company complies with UL standards and adopts a distributed form to achieve a complete Internet of Things in the fire radio and telephone system. Flexible system supports complex communication needs and larger management modes; Customized pre-recorded information and high-quality digital audio and power amplifiers support more accurate directional broadcasts and calls, giving priority to multiple audio inputs and Output (microphone, background music, etc.); support appropriate alarm access; touch-screen graphical user interface, manage the entire system, support richer third-party systems for tandem collaboration; support remote setup and maintenance.