Fire Department Description:

Fire Department is Beijing Sunny Century Technology Co., Ltd. under the division, the Fire Department as the company has been the core business sector, now has product design and development, manufacturing, technical support, sales and marketing departments. Since its inception, we have been operating in fire emergency broadcasting and fire fighting telephones for 20 years and are one of the pillar industries of Sunny.

Over the years we have been strongly supported and widely recognized by leaders, experts and peers in the industry. We have obtained the certification of three systems of GB / T 9001-2008, GB / T 28001 and GB / T 14001 and CCCF compulsory certification of national fire protection products. Introduced and fully implemented the international advanced management system (Q +, ACE), Hengye has always been in the national market steady leading the year round, and the Gulf Group, Leader Group, Shanghai Songjiang Electronic Instrument Factory, Beida Jade Bird and many other domestic fire Fire alarm companies to achieve years of strategic cooperation, and to GE, SIEMENS, TYCO, HONEYWELL, JOHNSON and other foreign companies to provide fire emergency broadcasting equipment and fire telephone products, the domestic market share has remained above 60%. Products are also exported to many countries and regions in the world. We are also actively involved in the revision and revision of national standards. The national standard GB16806-2006 Fire Control System was compiled by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as ISO 7240-28 in September 2008.

We introduced the HY5700 series fire emergency broadcasting equipment and HY5711B, HY2711E fire telephone system is Hengye's own research and development products, with independent intellectual property rights. System to strengthen the linkage, stability and anti-interference ability. Once launched by the user's praise. The latest research and development of fire equipment power supply monitoring system will become the future of fire control room one of the major equipment, our company also participated in the formulation of national product standards.

In today's economic globalization, Sunny people stand alone. Voice Alarm Voice Alarm System is developed specifically for the global (except North American) market, in line with the European standard BS54 Part16. Products have been exported to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries and regions.

Believe in the brand, believe in friends. Hengye constantly improve the brand and service, with our hard work and wisdom and the industry and community work closely together to fight the storm, Tongchuang win-win situation, and create more magnificent prospects and a brilliant future.

Fire emergency broadcasting system HY6200 and HY6102BG

Fire Bus Telephone System HY6311

Fire multi-line telephone system HY2711E/40

Fire control room graphic display device CRT

Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System HY5900B

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