HYS Third Supplier Conference

The winds and rains will grow together, and the glory will create a new chapter. On April 21st, in the beautiful coastal city of Qinhuangdao, Hengye Century Security Technology Co., Ltd. held the third supplier conference in the new factory. More than 60 quality suppliers from all over the country gathered together to paint a good prospect of 2018 cooperation and win-win.

The company first expressed its sincere gratitude to each partner and thanked everyone for their support in the development of the company. We pay attention to sustainable cooperative service relations, take honesty as the foundation, continue to step by step, and advance toward the goal of becoming stronger and bigger.


On the morning of the 21st, the conference analyzed the problems of the supply chain in 2017 by means of group discussion, one-by-one communication, and centralized summary. It also made concerted efforts to put forward rationalization proposals to improve and circumvent the existing problems; at the same time, the development of suppliers in 2018 The direction is to ask for a goal. The goal is that Hengye and suppliers develop together and move forward.


During the meeting, Mr. Su Heng, the company’s general manager, and Mr. Yan Husheng, the deputy general manager of the company, welcomed the suppliers and friends who came to attend the meeting and put forward new requirements. Chen Qiong, Manager of Supplier Development Department, reported on supplier development data in 2017 and communicated with suppliers' friends in terms of quality, price, and delivery date. Quality Manager Liu Yunheng emphasized the importance of incoming materials quality and quality. Mr. Li Wenzhi, chief engineer, puts forward new requirements for suppliers' parts and components from a new perspective of R&D; Zhao Bing, the manager of manufacturing department, communicates with suppliers from the perspective of production, and puts forward new demands for the market and customers; Ren Dongning, manager of the system department, also attends the meeting. Speak up to sort out supplier issues and future developments.


Subsequently, Mr. Yan Husheng, the Vice President of the company, presented the awards to outstanding suppliers in 2017 as a guest of honor. The conference produced a total of 6 awards:

2017 Best Innovation Award - Shenzhen Lililai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

2017 Best Strategic Cooperation Award - Weifang Huichuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

2017 Outstanding Supplier Award - Huizhou Yingxi Power Supply Co., Ltd.

2017 Best Service Award - Xinfeng Xiangda Fung Electronics Co., Ltd.

2017 Outstanding Contribution Award - Qinhuangdao Jinshi Construction Installation Co., Ltd.

2017 Excellence Award - Beijing Nandian Technology Development Co., Ltd.


The supplier conference enhanced the communication and exchange between Hengye and various suppliers, promoted the future long-term development between Hengye and the supply chain, and promoted our product quality and service level through deeper cooperation. A new step up.

2018 is an important year for the company's strategic upgrade. It will innovate in the course of development, work together in a win-win situation in the reform, and take advantage of the general trend of the Internet of Things to meet the hope of the future with new ideas and new attitudes.