2018 The 3rd China International Intelligent Building Exhibition

On March 12-14, 2018, the 2018 Third China International Intelligent Building Exhibition (IIBE) was held at the National Convention Center. The theme of this exhibition is “Smart Technology Creates and Builds Future Life”. It continues to focus on the latest technological innovations and achievements of smart buildings and explores changes in the era of intelligent building development. This year's show was upgraded again. The exhibited contents comprehensively covered areas such as construction equipment management and green building, data center and communications, smart things and smart home, public safety, acousto-optic video, and smart cities. More than 20 high-end academic conferences, including the most influential brand selection in the intelligent construction industry in China, designer competitions, enterprise and talent matchmaking forums, and summit forum forums, will also be held in the same period to promote industry technological innovation, corporate image publication, and domestic promotion. Intelligent building development level.

    Hengye Century Security Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Sunny Security) as a "professional fire safety products provider" unveiled this event, and brought leading solutions for the nine small venues, public emergency broadcasting and Internet of things industry.


1. Public Emergency Broadcasting Solutions

Our company's public emergency broadcasting is the first digital public IP emergency broadcasting system that integrates public broadcasting and fire emergency broadcasting and has CCCF certification.

The customer can select only one set of broadcasting system according to the public broadcastingfunction, and at the same time realize the full functions of public broadcasting and fire broadcasting and fire alarm requirements. This system not only saves the capital cost for equipment investment and construction for the customer, but also provides convenient service for the later property management. The system is applicable to airports, train stations, schools, stadiums, museums, commercial centers, office complexes, hotels, etc.

The system consists of broadcast controllers, power status and status displays, composite audio matrix, power amplifiers, network audio terminals, paging intercom consoles, and speakers.




Mr. Xu Ronglie, former chief engineer of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and consultant to the Intelligent Building Branch of the China Construction Association, visited the Hengye Security Booth and expressed his recognition and expectation of the Sunny Public Emergency Broadcasting System.

2.nine small places solution

   "Nine small" sites refer to the general term for small schools or kindergartens, small hospitals, small shops, small dining establishments, small hotels, small singing and dancing entertainment venues, small cybercafes, small beauty bathing establishments, and small-scale production and processing companies.

    The small size of the nine small venues and the scattered distribution of their locations, together with the poor fire safety awareness and common sense of the nine small operators, have led to a serious shortage of investment in the construction and maintenance of fire protection facilities and lines, which has brought difficulties to the implementation of safety supervision and the hidden dangers of fire safety. Causes fires to occur. Therefore, our company has proposed an integrated platform solution for the status quo of the “nine small” places. The platform receives alarm information from independent smoke detectors, smart gas detectors, smart leak detectors and other devices through an intelligent gateway, uploads alarm information to the cloud server, pushes the real-time mobile phone APP, and is accompanied by a small public address system. For daily background broadcasting and fire emergency broadcasting.



  1. Hengye Smart Fire Management Platform

The urban building fire information network integrated information monitoring platform is an integrated information platform based on the Internet of Things technology developed to monitor the operating status of various types of building fire protection facilities. The platform utilizes technologies such as “intelligence, transmission, knowledge, and use” to integrate RFID technology such as RFID, wireless sensing, video coupling, and image processing. It has been implemented through communication networks such as the Internet, wireless communication networks, and private networks. The monitoring and perception of automatic firefighting facilities status, firefighting water supply status, firefighting facilities and equipment in place status, firefighting channel and pipe valve status and other situations and facilities status, real-time monitoring of social fire protection and maintenance units, and fire command center scientific command. Greatly improve the fire extinguishing performance.


Hengye Century Security Technology Co., Ltd., as a "professional fire safety product provider," is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of fire electronic products. Since the company's 25 years of service, it has created a number of industry firsts and is also a number of As the chief editor and editor of national standards, the company keeps abreast of national standards and market development directions in smart fire-fighting internet of things management platforms, data processing, and cloud computing applications, and focuses on the hot focus of smart cities, smart things, and other industry sectors. Both technological innovation and capital market operations are concurrent, and efforts are constantly being made to increase product research and development so as to make every effort for the construction and development of the intelligent construction industry.